Chemiagaran Ltd. subsidiary of group ISCO was established in 1382 (2004). The objective of the company production of base material for disinfectant manufactures and other industries.

in mid 1389 (2011) the company expand its activities by concentrating on:

        - Increasing working capital and other tangible and intangible assets.

        - Inviting new investors and increase number of share holders.

        - Addition in new market experts and young work forces.

        - Presence in different manufacturing, industrial and commercial sectors.

        - Development of domestic and international commercial activities.

        - Establishing sales representative to cover wider areas.

Our marketing strategies in providing base material for disinfecting products, textile, agricultural, food industries as well as our cooperation with ISCO group with half century presence in vast veracities of domestic and international market gave us opportunities and predictabilities needed to grow.